Private Swimming Lessons


Private swimming lessons in the convenience of your personal pool, community or public pool. One-on-one instruction with a individual or family. All ages and abilities.

Synchronized Swimming Coaching

Highlevel coaching and training for synchronized swimmers

Highly experienced synchronized swimming coach and faculty. Recognized for unique training regimen that includes a diverse set skill: swimming, acrobatics, performance and styling


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Ovia Mermaid Academy


Master the challenge and beauty of being a real-life Mermaid or Mermen. Private and group classes for all ages and skill levels.  Official Mermaid Academy certificate presented at end of sessions. 

Acro for Syncro Training

acrobatic training for synchronized swimmers

Acrobatic consultant and training camps for synchronized swimming competitors and performers.

Professional Model/Actor Training

aquatic training and stunt work for models, actors and professional performers

Training for professional models and actors/actresses eager to learn a new skill or preparing for a project.

Training/Coaching Brochures

Ovia is a premier entertainment specializing in aquatic performers, water ballet, mermaids, stunts

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